Cultivating Minds Without Losing My Own

Cultivating Minds Without Losing My Own

One Teacher's Guide To Elementary School Survival

Using Technlogy To Enhance Not Entertain

We have all heard it.  "You need to use more live in the technology era.....get plugged in and relate better to your students.....lrn 2 read txt (learn to read text).....make lessons more enjoyable for more impact."  While I love technology and use it daily, it can be over done in a bad way at times.  Technology should be used to enhance the learning process, not replace it with entertaining, meaningless blurbs.  The tools we use need to still challenge students to interact more with thier own education not turn it in to episodic learning punctuated with messages from thier sponsers (aka the teacher).  I have just spent the better part of a week updating and downloading apps for our schools 80 Ipod touches that are used primarily during center time.  Let me tell you while the process in and of itself is time consuming it was nothing compared to the search I had to delve into to find meaningful, educational apps to purchase.  Wow!  It made me take a step back into mommy mode and think about all the "educational" apps my kids have downloaded.  How many are truly educational and how many are glorified video games?  We as educators and parents need to thoroughly look at the apps and gadgets we are purchasing to check for the skill vs. thrill factor.  That being said, I am so excited to be working with a staff that embraces technology and shares their finds with each other!  I have a wonderful co-teacher who has created awesome powerpoints that combine skill and thrill into one place.  As soon as I can I plan to link a few of her creations as well as a few of my own to this blog.  In the mean time, keep using great technology, but only to enhance already great lessons not replace them.  Teach on my friends!




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