Cultivating Minds Without Losing My Own

Cultivating Minds Without Losing My Own

One Teacher's Guide To Elementary School Survival

It's DONE!!!!!!

It is finally done!  My Wix website is finally at published status!  That last post about publishing got me motivated to finally finish what I started months ago.  Well,  that and the fact that I had already agreed to present said website at an educational conference this morning was motivation to finish.  Woo Hoo!  It feels good to reach that finishline.  Take a peek by clicking on my site button on the top of the page or by clicking the link below.  Next goal on my list- finishing my master's degree in Instructional Technology.  I actually made strides towards that one today as well.  While presenting at the From My Classroom to Yours at Richard Stockton College (my alma mater), I visited student records and looked into what it would take to rematriculate and finish.  Watch out!  I'm on a roll!


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